What type of portal do you have?

Modified on: Tue, 27 Sep, 2022 at 11:32 AM

In FutureVault, you can have a double-level portal or a multi-level portal. 

Professional/Corporate Portal - Double-Level (2-Tier)

Manage your team and your clients' vault in one place. All the vaults will have the same company taxonomy.

Enterprise Portal - Multi-Level (3-Tier)

A multi-level system is created by the Head Office to provide their branches with their own secure Professional Portal. Users with this type of portal will have a specific taxonomy through which they can share and collaborate with the admins of each branch, and all the branches will provide the same taxonomy to their clients that have been pre-defined by the Head Office.

Customized Portal (Double-Level) (2-Tier)

It is a double-level portal but with a twist. You can have common folders and a customized company taxonomy for each vault. To create new vaults, you will be working directly with our Customer Success team to make sure you have a customized taxonomy. Some features may behave differently under this type of portal.

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