The CIA Triad of Cybersecurity

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Our world is increasingly networked as companies, governments, and individuals rely on information systems to complete their daily work and provide hours of daily entertainment.   Connecting millions of information systems to billions of users on the public internet has both empowered legitimate information access and provided the means for illegal data processing activities.  The maturing field of cybersecurity has emerged to protect information networks and their users from intentional and inadvertent threats.

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At FutureVault, our Chief Information Security Officer, Nevin Markwart (, builds and maintains systems to protect and defend all information within our customers’ FutureVaults.  

Protecting the confidentiality of a customer’s FutureVault begins with limiting access to our systems through user authentication processes.  In order to confirm a user is “who they say they are,” we query a user requesting access to our systems to produce “something they know,” “something they have” or “something they are” to prove their identity.  We currently require a password (something they know) and a code delivered to their smartphone (something they have) in order to provide access to a user’s FutureVault.,

Another way to keep the information confidential is to encrypt it, preventing hackers from reading any downloaded document.  We employ encryption methods (TLS 1.2 and AES256) to render any unauthorized download of FutureVault data unreadable.

Integrity protection ensures that the information within your FutureVault documents will not be altered from its original form. This prevents the use of corrupt documents and any related repercussions of such use.   At FutureVault, all data stored and transported on our network is “fingerprinted” during each phase of its use, with these “fingerprints” checked to ensure they match at each step.  This process combines with a daily backup of all FutureVaults to prevent corrupting our clients’ FutureVault documents. 

The last leg of the CIA triad is Availability.  We know our clients love the convenience of accessing their FutureVault documents through their computer or mobile device at any time.  We have built the FutureVault service in such a way as to provide nearly 100% availability to our cloud storage systems.  As an example, should a natural disaster occur near our FutureVault processing center, our cloud provider can instantaneously migrate our system processing to another location within the country.

At FutureVault, we employ best of class cybersecurity practices to provide customers with a convenient, safe and reliable document management solution.  The CIA triad is just one foundational cybersecurity framework that we employ to accomplish these objectives.

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