Only Admins/Reps can move/delete/rename Company Folders/Files

Modified on: Wed, 6 Apr, 2022 at 2:40 PM

In the new version v4.0, only Administrators and Representatives continue to have the ability to Move, Delete or Rename Company Folders/Files. In contrary to the previous version, Vaultholders will lose the ability to do such actions and those action buttons will be disabled. Vaultholders can perform such actions on the personal folders/files they only upload.

New Version v4.0

Actions disabled for Vaultholders i.e. Move, Rename, and Delete- There will be a small '?' icon beside the disabled action buttons to notify the vault holders that they do not have the permission to delete items created by their sponsor i.e. admins/reps. However, Admin/Reps continue to perform these actions.

Old Version v3

Actions available to Vaultholders:

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