Representatives: Choose New Location for Checklist File Upload

Modified on: Wed, 6 Apr, 2022 at 2:40 PM

In the new version 4x, if a representative wants to upload documents to a checklist but they do not have access to that checklist folder location, he/she can now choose/create a new Level 2 Folder location and upload the documents there. In the legacy version 3x, the Representative was able to see the checklists but wasn't able to upload files if Rep had no permissions to that checklist location.

New Version v4

Let's say an administrator creates a checklist Onboarding and sets the Checklist Upload Location to the 'Client Shared' folder(Figure 1). He/She assigns this checklist to the client. Now, the representative wants to upload the documents on the behalf of the client, however, he/she has access to the 'Critical Illness' folder only(Figure 2). 

Figure 1: Administrator creates a checklist 'Onboarding'

Figure 2: Representative's Folder Permissions

In the new version, the Representative can still upload documents by following the below steps:

Step 1: While accessing a client's vault, go to Checklists and Click on 'Upload A Document'.

Step 2: The representative doesn't have access to the 'Client Shared' location, but he/she can now choose a new location under the assigned folder or create a New Level 2 Folder by clicking on the Folder Icon as shown below.

Step 3: After clicking on the icon, a 'New Folder' box will appear. Input the Folder Name, let's say 'Accounts', click on 'Create'.

Step 4: Choose the new location and then Upload the documents.

Legacy Version v3

In the legacy version, Representative would see an error 'Checklist Permissions' on the top right corner, if he/she tries to upload the document as he/she doesn't have the access to the 'Client Shared' folder. Also, 'No permissions' would be displayed under 'Upload a document'.

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