Company Logo when Administrator or Representative Upload Documents

Modified on: Mon, 11 Apr, 2022 at 8:48 AM

In the new version v4.0, whenever an Administrator or a Representative uploads a document to a Company Folder within the client's vault, the document will now showcase a company logo. In the legacy version, the documents didn't have any company logos.

New Version v4

If the Administrator or Representation uploads a document by the name 'MF 2022', then the company logo i.e. SF in this case will be shown on the document icon.

This is a visual indication for the client to know that the document was uploaded by the sponsor company and cannot be move, rename or delete.

Legacy Version v3

If the Administrator or Representation uploaded a document in the older version by the name 'MF 2022', then no company logo was displayed on the icon. It was hard for end user understand why some they couldn't perform some actions on specific files.

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