List View: Preference & Column Visibility Updates

Modified on: Mon, 11 Apr, 2022 at 8:50 AM

In the new version 4, we have revamped the 'List View': renamed a few options and added a new column 'Label' for better document navigation and enhanced user experience.

New Version v4

The new Folder Layout under the List View is shown below:

Also, a few View Options have been renamed as per the industry benchmarks and a 'Label' option has been added under 'Column Visibility' as shown below:

View Options that have been renamed (Green Box) are:

  • Hide Empty Folders: Checking this option will only show those folders that have files in them. Previously it was named 'Show only folders that contain documents'. 
  • Assigned Entities: This replaces 'Entities' and it shows all the entities associated with the main folder and the sub folders.
  • Type: This replaces 'Document Type' and essentially shows the document type such as .png, .pdf, etc.

New Column Option (Yellow Box) added:

  • Label: In the legacy version, a user was able to assign labels to documents via Form Template under Document Details. To make it more intuitive, Form Template is renamed as 'Label'. Now one can also filter documents by the 'Label' they assigned to the document.

Legacy Version v3

In this version, the following options were visible:

Option 'Hide Filtered Items' has been removed as it was redundant.

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