Filter By Reminder Type

Modified on: Mon, 11 Apr, 2022 at 8:52 AM

In the new version 4, you can now filter reminders by the type. This feature was not available on the legacy version 3x. This feature will help you improve your workflow processes making them faster and more efficient.

New Version 4

Under Reminders, a new column 'Reminder Type' (figure 1) is added which can be used to selectively filter one or more types from the list of existing reminder types. If you want to see reminders, only for Policy Renewal (figure 2), click on 'Reminder Type' and under Filter, select 'Policy Renewal'.

Figure 1: Reminder Type Column

Figure 2: Filter by 'Reminder Type

Legacy Version 3x

Under this version, all the reminders were at one place without the functionality to filter by a particular type of reminder.

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