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Modified on: Tue, 8 Aug, 2023 at 3:01 PM

Your platform's look and feel are just as powerful as the value offered by your firm and it helps build that emotional connection and multiply your firm's impact on your target audience. You can think of your branded platform as your business’s personal profile, with a combination of visuals, colors, and other important features that together creates a cohesive picture of your brand’s personality. 

FutureVault makes it easy and simple to help you create your white-labeled platform. Below are the different areas of the platform that can be branded - So let's get creative!

Platform Name and Branding Assets

You can set your own Platform Name as seen on the Browser tab along with the Website URL. Not only that, you can also insert your company's logo on the top ribbon, browser tab, main menu company tab and folder icon.

Platform name and branding assets

Attention! For Family Office client, your vault won't need to define Icon Logos for the main menu or tile view, since your first tab will show directly All Documents.

Color Scheme for the Platform

As you build your Platform, your choice of visuals should be consistently rooted in your brand’s personality. FutureVault helps you define color of the Main Menu, Active Tabs, Action buttons, Folder Icons, Login Page's Background color, etc. Please provide us the Hex Codes so that the Platform accurately represents your brand's personality.

Color scheme for the platform

Attention! For Family Office client, you won't need to define the color of the folders. Folders already have a predefined folder color.

Branded Platform Samples

If you are struggling to come up with what you want your platform to look like, don't stress! We have provided some examples of what you can do below:

Login Pages:

Branded login pages

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