How to Add a Third Party Collaborator (Trusted Advisor)

Modified on: Wed, 23 Aug, 2023 at 2:51 PM

You can help your client by adding Trusted Advisor access to the company folders. To do this please access the client's Vault.

Adding a Trusted Advisor

Adding a Trusted Advisor

Step 1: Go to the Contact tab and click on the contact or Add a new one.

If the contact is not created, click the '+' button on the top-right corner to add the contact to the Vault. As soon as you click the '+' button on the top right corner, you will automatically be able to view 'Edit Permissions' box. Click here to learn more.
Info! If you have a Vault and also a Profession Portal, and you are planning to add as a Trusted Advisor your team, remember first to create their access in the Portal, and later create their Trusted Advisor Access to your Vault using the same email address. If you already have created a contact, just right click and select 'Edit Permissions'. 

Edit Permissions for selected contact

Step 2: Set the Permission.

General Permissions: You can provide access to others tab in your Vault, so your contact can help you more or see more information.

  • Manage Unfiled: The Trusted Advisor will have full access to the 'Unfiled' tab. This is the area which has all the documents that was sent to your Vault using your inbound vault email.  
  • View Contacts: The Trusted Advisor will be able to see your Contact tab. They can add other contacts but they cannot make other Trusted Advisors.
  • Manage Reminders: The Trusted Advisor will have access to your Reminder tab i.e. they can manage all your reminders, so they will be able to add, edit and delete reminders without a document attached here, and manage the rest of your reminders.
  • Unlimited Access (Manager):The Trusted Advisor will have full access to all areas of your vault including all folders and documents. They will have the same permissions that you have as the owner of the Vault. The only area they cannot see or edit are your Preferences and Security area. You can remove this type of access at any time

Permissions tab

Step 3: Click 'Save' and send the Email Invitation.

  • The contact will receive an email invitation to become a Trusted Advisor. They will need to accept the invitation and set up a password for their access. 
  • A new label will show in your main contact list to indicated that the user is a Trusted Advisor. You can use the header on the column to filter the type of contacts.

Send Email Invitation

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