What is a Global Folder?

Modified on: Tue, 15 Aug, 2023 at 10:22 AM

With this tool, you can have folders with standardized documents, like welcome packages, reports, forms, disclosures agreements, policies, etc. and make them automatically available inside a Vault to view and download. Reducing the time for your clients to find these types of documents and the time for your team to find the latest and correct version.

Manage all the content from one place (Corporate Vault) and automatically refresh and update all the information available for your clients and collaborators. These folders are managed using your Corporate Vault, and as an administrative user with access to these folders, you will be able to check the history of who views and download these documents. However, clients and collaborators will only be able to view and download it.

A label 'GLOBAL' will be added to these folders to help clients and collaborators easily infinity these folders. If you would like to explore more or enable this feature, please contact your Customer Success team.

Info! Users can't upload documents to these Global Folders when they are inside a vault. To manage the content administrative users needs to have access to these folders on the Corporate Vault. 

View inside a Vault

View inside a Vault

View document view

Managing Documents inside Global Folder

To add or update document a document on the Global Folders, administrative users needs to have access to these folders inside the Corporate Vault. If you have this access enable, you will find the Corporate Vault tab on your Admin Portal. 

Corporate Vault TabYou can easily identify the Global folders inside the Corporate Vault because they keep your company folder branding and will show the label 'Global'.

Right-click or Drag and Drop the documents inside the folder level 2 or under.

Info! You can create folder level 3 and under inside the Corporate Vault and they will show inside all the Vaults. 

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