How to Request OBA Folders to be Enabled into Portals?

Modified on: Wed, 16 Aug, 2023 at 9:54 AM

If you are an administrative user of a portal inside a 3-Tiers system, and this feature has been approved by the Head Office, then you can request new folders to be added to your portal to manage Other Business Activities (OBA). You only need to send an email to and cc'ing your Head Office main contact. On the email indicated the folder structure you would like to add. 

The system required to have 2 levels, so example below:

LEVEL 1 - Insurance

LEVEL 2 - Insurance Planning

LEVEL 2 - Policies

LEVEL 2 - Reports and Claims

LEVEL 1 -  Real Estate

    LEVEL 2 -  Commercial Properties

    LEVEL 2 -  Investment Properties

    LEVEL 2 -  Primary Property

    LEVEL 2 -  Vacation Properties

Your new folders will be only accessible for you, your team and your client. By default, Head Office won't see this folders. The system will add a Badge called OBA to help your clients and team identify these folders faster.  

All users with access to these folders will be able to upload documents directly to a level 2, but not to a level 1. Think about your level 1 as big buckets to only organize your information.

Info! Do you want to talk more about this feature? Contact your Head Office or your Customer Success team.

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