Ability to Review and Publish Documents

Modified on: Fri, 26 Jan, 2024 at 4:36 PM

Administrators can now upload documents to Vaults for review without publishing them by using the new 'In Review' feature. This means that clients won't be able to see those documents until the administrator approves and publishes them. Also, no email notification will be send when using this feature.

Info! To enable the 'In Review' feature, please contact your Customer Success team.

This feature when enable is available only for your Administrative Users (Administrators or Representatives). Steps to Upload Documents for Review and Publish:

Step 1: Select 'Upload Documents for Review'.

Go to the location you would like to add the documents for review. You can either go to the '+' button on the top right corner or right-click to find that option, then select the option Upload Documents for Review.

Upload Documents for Review

Upload Documents for Review

Step 2: Choose the documents to be uploaded.

If you are already under the Level 2 or sub-level folder, documents will start to upload to the location you are currently on. However, if you are in a Level 1 folder, the system will prompt you to choose a location, you can either select a Level 2 or create a new folder.

Move location of In Review documents

Once these documents are uploaded in the Level 2 folder, they will be labeled as 'IN REVIEW'. The 'IN REVIEW' documents can only be viewed by administrative users (admins or reps).Document in Review

Step 3: Go to In-Review and click on Publish inside a vault.

To see all the documents that are uploaded as 'IN REVIEW' for a Vault, please go to the 'In Review' tab on the left main menu. Irrespective of the location, all the documents labeled 'IN REVIEW' will show up. Users can Open all the documents from there or publish them.

Publish through Actions tab by right clicking document

Users can also publish document if they already know the location of the files. Select the 'IN REVIEW' documents that need to be published, go to the 'Actions' button on the top right, and click on 'Publish X documents'.
Publish through Actions tab in Sub-Menu

  • Once published, the Vault owner and Collaborators to the folder these documents are will be able to see those documents.
  • On the history will show what administrative user publish the files.
  • No upload email notification will be trigger when using these.
Info! 'In Review' documents can only be uploaded under Level 2 and Sub-Level folders.

Step 3.1: Admin Portal - Go to Documents In-Review and click on Publish

Admins will have on the Admin Portal a consolidate view of all documents In-Review status in all the vaults on their system. Ensure you have the Side Panel displayed. If not, click on View Option ands elected.

After review all files you can click All and Published them, you can also bulk delete them.

Info!No Upload Email notifications will be triggered

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