How to organize your Custom Folders and create Taxonomy Templates?

Modified on: Tue, 16 Aug, 2022 at 10:29 AM

Info! Only available in 4X

After you created and group your custom folders you can organize them and create different "Taxonomy Templates". To create different taxonomies (folders structures) go to "Template Management" > "Taxonomy Template" and follow these steps:  

1. Click on "New Taxonomy Template"

2. Enter your template name and click "Create".

This is an internal name that will be displayed when creating vaults. 

3. Double click on your newly created template to open it.  

You will see all the Custom Folders previously created. Click on the arrow to see the level 2 folders.  

4. Choose the folders you would like to add and click "Save".

You are all set! You should get a confirmation on the top right corner stating "Successfully updated taxonomy template".

Attention! Currently this tool works for new vaults only. If you would like to update previously created vaults with new taxonomy templates, or update current default taxonomy please contact

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